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Current federal regulations do not allow for active displays instead of mirrors.

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A lot of people get robots.txt wrong.

It is, more than anything, a courtesy to *the crawler*. It's you flagging things that may break it (infinite recursion) or things that are fleeting and pointless to cache or index.

It's not a privacy control, and it's definitely not a security measure.

Had a good time at the SecKC meetup last night. Good presentations and met a few friends.

Performed first system backup and then upgraded this instance to Mastodon v2.8.0.

Attended the Planet Comicon Kansas City last weekend. This was their 20th year anniversary so picked up some swag. Was also my first comicon and enjoyed seeing all the aritists and people in costume.

Completed finishing touches on my latest build - the ISS Enterprise from the original Star Trek series episode "Mirror, Mirror".

Been testing Mastodon for several weeks now and have decided testing is over and have setup a permanent instance at👍

Invite-only server run by the creator of this instance.