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Passed my #CISSP on Friday. Is it worthwhile for me to post how I studied?

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Senators Demand Amazon Disclose Ring Privacy Policies Amazon's Ring data collection policies are in the spotlight.

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Seriously folks, we have some influential folks from the infosec twitter starting to show interest in the Fediverse again...

If you know some people who have thought about it, talk to them, and catch the wave.

We are in a change window for good.

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"Do you have something to hide?" is a manipulative rebuke to those that use #encryption.

It would help us all turn this conversation around. Because, the answer is: YES, we do have something to hide.

Things that we should hide, and must question why a government or business NEEDS access to:

- Medical history.
- Sensitive conversations with employers, children, spouses.
- Billing and banking information.
- Purchase information.
- Web search history.
And more...


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Hi folks. I've been playing #DnD on and off for years. I currently DM a 3e game in person and play a paladin in a 5e game on roll20. Given my druthers, I prefer DMing to playing, but I haven't been doing it long - the game I'm DMing now is the first.

I do #3DPrinting, and I print and paint all the minis we use in our game. I'm new to painting minis and always learning, but it's very relaxing and I enjoy it.

I'm glad to be here. :)


A little hard to see, but had to get a snap of the bottle opener on the left side of their bumper.

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Hey @SHAQ: Law enforcement partnerships with @RING don’t make neighborhoods safer—they turn our front doors into vast, unaccountable surveillance networks. #NothingButDragnet

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Current federal regulations do not allow for active displays instead of mirrors.

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A lot of people get robots.txt wrong.

It is, more than anything, a courtesy to *the crawler*. It's you flagging things that may break it (infinite recursion) or things that are fleeting and pointless to cache or index.

It's not a privacy control, and it's definitely not a security measure.

Had a good time at the SecKC meetup last night. Good presentations and met a few friends.

Performed first system backup and then upgraded this instance to Mastodon v2.8.0.

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